Release 0.6

New features

  • Support for Qt style sheets
  • Splash screen at start up
  • icons can be specified in level specific configuration scripts
  • new weapons added
  • new inventory screen
  • player can drink potions
  • on-screen counters to show damage, healing and status effects
  • player can wield and unwield weapons

Fixed bugs

  • 22 python path is not modified before first imports
  • 19 mdi user interface is clumsy to use

Known bugs

  • 26 spider poisons in combat even when it misses
  • 25 dying should make game to return to main screen
  • 21 PyQt user interface does not support line of sight
  • 18 Entities created by debug server are not shown on map
  • 5 Raised events are not filtered, but delivered to all creatures

Other notes

  • behave taken into use for BDD
  • testing guidelines updated
  • “{character_name} is almost dead” added to behave
  • pyherc.rules.magic package removed