Release 0.5

New features

New features that are readily visible to players:

  • User interface rewrite with PyQt
  • 16 inventory window
  • Message is shown for missed attack
  • Message is shown for dying monster
  • Message is shown for picked up item
  • Message is shown for dropped item
  • Player character can be given a name

Following new features are more technical in nature and not visible during gameplay:

  • _at function added to Cutesy
  • is_dead matcher added
  • other components can register to receive updates from domain objects
  • pyherc.rules.items.drop replaced with DropAction

Fixed bugs

  • 17 Taking stairs do not update display correctly

Other notes

  • Services are no longer injected to domain objects
  • pyherc.rules.effects moved to
  • EffectsCollection moved to
  • qc added for testing
  • poisoning and dying from poison tests moved to BDD side
  • is_at and is_not_at changed to is_in and is_not_in
  • herculeum.gui.core removed
  • PGU and pygame removed as dependencies