Release 0.10

New features

  • new set of graphics and animations
  • regular movement and attack can be done only to cardinal directions
  • characters can wait for a bit without doing anything
  • new player character, mage
  • 68 feature: change direction of character when walking

Fixed bugs

  • 72 bug: moving does not take armour into account
  • 69 bug: layering of icons
  • 54 bug: weapons with multiple damage types cause attacker to move
  • 9 bug: Attacks use hard coded time

Known bugs

  • 42 bug: character generator generates incorrect amount of items in inventory
  • 38 bug: damage effect does not take damage modifiers into account
  • 25 bug: dying should make game to return to main screen
  • 21 bug: PyQt user interface does not support line of sight
  • 5 bug: Raised events are not filtered, but delivered to all creatures

Other notes

  • 53: moved many actions (moving, combat, etc) from Character class to separate functions