Release 0.7

New features

  • damage is shown negative in counters
  • weapons deal different types of damage
  • split damage is supported
  • more streamlined user interface
  • status effects are shown on main screen
  • 32 view to show player character
  • 31 better ai for skeleton warrior
  • 30 showing hit points of player
  • 29 being weak against damage
  • 28 damage resistance
  • 24 skeleton warrior

Fixed bugs

  • 34 Split damage weapons do not show full damage on screen
  • 33 using stairs while there is damage counter on screen crashes game
  • 27 dropping a weapon in use retains the weapon in use
  • 18 bug: Entities created by debug server are not shown on map

Known bugs

  • 26 bug: spider poisons in combat even when it misses
  • 25 bug: dying should make game to return to main screen
  • 21 bug: PyQt user interface does not support line of sight
  • 10 bug: Player character creation has hard coded values
  • 9 bug: Attacks use hard coded time
  • 5 bug: Raised events are not filtered, but delivered to all creatures
  • 3 bug: FlockingHerbivore has no memory

Other notes

  • is not required unless using debug server